While studying at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York, Rebekah made it her mission to explore every spot Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks visited in You’ve Got Mail (a movie she can practically quote in its entirety); mission complete, by the way. Just as exciting, she regularly sang with the six-time Grammy Award winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, recording on their latest album, Pray, and with them, playing her most beloved role to date as the Virgin Mary. Over the last several years, Rebekah has garnered priceless experience honing her skills in film and theatre productions alike.

Rebekah attributes a recent trip to Europe as the cause of her increased spontaneity and desire to learn more about the things that interest her, not to mention, her newfound friendship with Airbnb. Whether it’s sipping Tunisian tea with a host in Paris, an impromptu jam-sesh with the loveliest family in London, or simply driving in the car with one of her four younger sisters in Syracuse, NY, she is constantly reminded of just how unparalleled the awe of true human connection is. Aiming to be a positive force in a world that seems to be increasingly darkening around us, Rebekah cannot fully express the importance and excitement she feels about being an actor in this day and age.